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"I produce art as a means to express my joy and wonderment at all of the beauty and goodness I see in the world.  I am strengthened by the everyday charm around me, and want to share this with others.  My art is as much an expression of the beauty, as it is a statement that I will never take these small blessings for granted." 
Tim signs his images with "Thanks", indicating how extremely grateful and appreciative he is of God for his talents, his family for support, and also of his mentors and customers for their input and participation in this journey.  Also, look closely and you may see his family's initials hidden in each sculpture as a special honor to them.

While also respectful of traditional lost-wax bronze techniques, Tim has integrated digital design and 3D Printing options into his creative process.  He enjoys life-long learning about tools and techniques which enable the translation of his ideas of beauty and emotions into physical world creations.  He sees combinations of 3D printing with ancient bronze workflows as an amazing opportunity to expand awareness, affordability, and love of heirloom quality art to a much wider audience. His current focus is upon family and dance themes. 

Tim also offers personalized sculptures, where he can create unique commissions or customize his existing designs using your photos and patina color preferences.  
 “ Bronze Reflections of Life and Love “ TM