TV coverage of the chocolate coating, and hopefully the multi-month process of creating a Very limited edition lost-wax bronze (5 castings or less).

Final painting of plaster/ resin/ fiberglass...

Additional television coverage of the plaster/ resin/ fiberglass casting and assembly.

This is the replica of the clay cast from the molds, and soon to be coated in chocolate.  The molds may also be used to cast wax for the lost-wax bronze process.

Television coverage of the clay sculpting and mold making steps...

Peyton Manning Sculpture

Original fine art by Tim King of King Sculpture Studios

Photos and status are being posted on Instagram and Twitter:  @TimKingSculpt

and on Facebook:  "King Sculpture Studios"

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Collection of clay progress & mold making photos.

King Sculpture Studios

                                       Tim King,  Classic Sculptor

I started painting a bronze base coat to show a similarity to a traditional bronze cast.

It was coated in chocolate on Friday 09/18/15, and unveiled the next day.

Choctoberfest added me to their Facebook page and also on the top page of their website.

They also posted my 850AM KOA radio interview.

Thanks for all of your support everyone!

This is text from some of the more than 45 sculpture phrases and symbols representing Mr. Manning's family, qualities, work ethics, and beliefs...

Progress photos leading up to chocolate unveiling at Choctoberfest, Sept 19th, 2015 in Broomfield Colorado.

More festival details are at

Special thanks to Brian Dreith and George Richardson of Spray Solutions, Loveland Colorado

A quick slideshow summary video of  the entire project. Enjoy!