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Patron Testimonials....

"It has been our privilege to work with Tim as he created a beautiful sculpture of our Golden Retriever. Tim is an incredible artist. His great work starts with an amazing ear as he listens closely, while also sharing his artistic ideas. He is a genuine and kind person who takes the time and creativity to deliver heartfelt sculptures. 
We have the pleasure of owning several of Tim's sculptures, including this custom commission. The detail, movement and emotion in all of Tim's pieces provide great happiness and joy to our family and friends."
Thank you, Tim!!
Barry and Patty S.

Hi Tim,
I just wanted to thank you for the safe delivery of your beautiful Spring Flowers sculpture and the wonderful book that accompanied it!  The book itself is a piece of art and it was wonderful to see the steps on how the piece was made and to share it with my children.  The sculpture is as exquisite as I remember it, seeing it at Sargents Fine Arts in Maui.  When I first saw it, I remember being amazed by how the sculpture felt so alive and how it reminded me of the joy of seeing my wife with my children, a girl and a boy.  It is one of the highlights of my trip. You have a true gift as an artist, and I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future!
Best wishes always,
Phillip C.

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