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Tim King,  Classic Sculptor

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" Recital Rose "

" Hopes "

" First Stage "

" Orchid Dancer "

" Lyrical Grace "

" Life Lessons "

" Ohana Harmony "

"Daddy's Balance "

" Spring Flowers "

" Daddy Daughter Dance "

 “ Our Teacher(Bible stories spiral around the base)

Ed. of 12,  Bronze,   30"h x 22"w x 22"d

 “ If I Were An Eagle "

(Boy, girl, & custom dedication books)

Ed. of 30,  Bronze,  30"h x 48"w x 48"d

" Eagle Girl "

Ed. of 30,  Bronze,  30"h x 40"w x 23"d

" Dreamy Boy "

Ed. of 30,  Bronze,  27"h x 22"w x 26"d

" Summer Sunday "

Ed. of 30,  Bronze,  22"h x 32"w x 24"d

Pedestal Sized

1/3 to Life Sized