NFT  (Non-Fungible Tokens)

Welcome to another method to create and market digital artwork!  Continuing our interest in merging tradition, tech, and exploration, we are pursuing "NFT Drops" of extremely limited editions and one-of-a-kind creations through new digital marketplaces.  Non-fungible means not interchangeable, and token refers to how it is stored and sold through a secure crypto currency blockchain, which is like a digital accounting ledger. 

An artist's first minted NFT is referred to as their "Genesis Drop", and ours will be in November 2021.

During November 2021 only!

King Sculpture Studio's first NFT artwork is now available:

King Sculpture Studio's artwork will also be available to view in a new virtual art gallery at:

NFT Genesis Ballerina CryptoArt Art Crypto OpenSea
NFT Genesis Ballerina CryptoArt Art Crypto OpenSea

King Sculpture Studios
Tim King,  Classic Sculptor

November 2021 only!
Tim's First NFT art is now available: