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" Daddy Daughter Dance "

Pedestal size, Traditional bronze: 18" h x 13" w x 11" d,   1/4 life-sized,  edition size 45,    $6,750 plus tax & shipping

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Pricing valid as of June 2021. Subject to change without notice.

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These are additional photos taken during the original sculpture creation...

"Daddy Daughter Dance" was inspired by those moments in life when the pure joy of a parenting activity is completely surrounded by loving and protective bonds.    In searching for an active and playful father and daughter pose, Tim thought back to a favorite moment with his daughter at a Father Daughter Girl Scout dance... Truly a magical moment.   The sculpture details include patina coloring which integrates the father and daughter's clothing and accessories.  If you look closely, as in most of Tim's sculptures, you should be able to locate hidden initials of his loving family.

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If you are not rushed for immediate delivery, it is also possible for you to purchase custom coloring or limited figure modifications, as every sculpture is hand made.