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Tim King,  Classic Sculptor

" Life Lessons "

Pedestal size, Traditional bronze: 18" h x 14" w x 10" d,   1/6 life-sized,  edition size 45,   In stock,  $6,750 USD plus tax & shipping

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Pricing valid as of June 2021. Subject to change without notice.

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These are additional photos taken during the original sculpture creation...

"Life Lessons" is a culmination of wonderful trips to Hawaii.  The sculpture represents the special importance that fatherly advice plays in a child's development.  Fun activities, kind words, support, and constructive criticism are integral in a loving relationship.  "Life Lessons" is filled with small but important symbols... gentle touch, slight imbalance, connections to the sands of the earth and time, a heart in the sand, soft foamy ocean's edge, and thoughtful gazes to the distant future.  

Although one of Tim's newest creations, this is already a well traveled sculpture.  It began in clay in Colorado, traveled to Illinois as part of a school outreach art demonstration, and back to Colorado to be prepped for a great demonstration and reception at Sargent's Fine Art gallery in Lahaina Maui.  Tim enjoys involving others in the sculpture creations. For example, the small heart in the sand was created by a gallery guest, and the sandcastle flag was a design element from Tim's son.  

If you are not rushed for immediate delivery, it is possible for you to purchase custom patina coloring, and limited figure modifications, as every sculpture is hand made.